Friday, September 23, 2011

Dropdead show announced//Full-length

Haven't made a post in a while but this is well worth it. Apologies to everyone who has been trying to order things from me, I just got a computer again so hopefully things will be kicking into gear now. Full length is written, recording, art, and details soon.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cellgraft Drainland split

Blind Constituency
Chronological Enslavement
Weapon Abuse
Deformed Resonations
Amelioration Lapse


Here are the tracks from the new split with Drainland, this is just our side of the record, which should be out soon. As soon as it's actually out i'll post links to the distros and everything.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Enslaved By Blastbeats

Just sent out the long overdue tracks for the Drainland/Cellgraft split. Trying to have that ready for their upcoming tour, which I hope works out. Hard at work on writing towards a full length, should be ready sooner than later. Our copies of 'Deception Schematic' are virtually depleted so if you still want it then you'll have to order it online... or just download it! Slowly working at getting more shirts made, hopefully they will be ready soon. Also, aiming to do another tour around the end of the year, more info on that once it solidifies. Fliers for shows and links to cool stuff soon.. O)))))))


Monday, February 7, 2011

Free download and upcoming shows

Now that the record release is out of the way, here's Deception Schematic for download for anyone who doesn't have it yet.

Deception Schematic

Here's some upcoming shows, I'll edit this once i get the fliers for them all:

Feb. 25th at Unit 19 with Shitstorm and Nazi Dust
Feb. 27th in Melbourne with Shitstorm
Mar. 24th at Brass Mug with Tombs, The Body, Wormrot, Whitehorse (from Australia) and Flying Snakes
Apr. 21st at Transitions Art Gallery with Disciples of Christ, Shitstorm and Devout
Apr. 22nd at Churchills with Disciples of Christ, Shitstorm, Assholeparade, Maruta and Mauser

get into it.